January 10, 2014

Friday - Cold and snowy

A better day again

I didn't wake up as early today as I have been lately, but that was rather nice in a way too.  I got up, turned on the heater and watched a bit of Grey's Anatomy.  I got started on things I needed to do on my computer then I had breakfast.  

After breakfast I decided to make some bread.  I made a loaf that combined a couple of types I had seen on the internet.  It was cheese and herbs, a very nice savoury bread.  I set up the breadmaker and let it do its stuff.

I watched Pride and Prejudice today, the Keira Knightley one and quite enjoyed it.  Matthew Macfadyen wasn't as good as Colin Firth, but I think they paid more attention to Lizzie in this one anyway.  F came home in the middle of the movie for a few minutes and we chatted pleasantly for a change!  It was rather nice.

When the movie was over I decided to run my coins over to the post office.  I girded myself for battle with the elements and left the apartment.  I made good time and was able to hand over my coin.  Unfortunately, it took the woman about 20 minutes to count it.  I think her machine broke down too, as I saw her spraying the counting machine with canned air!  Finally she was done, but I wasn't!  She told me my count was okay, but I had to fill out a new form as I had written my name the wrong way.  Say what??  Whatever.  I wanted to get home, so I did it and things were fine.  I got TWO packages of tissues today, so obviously it was the Post Offices fault!

Came home, had just enough time to empty out F's parking space of snow, then come in, warm up and do a few dishes before my bread was done.  It smelt divine. The oregano smell was great. I took it out and started working on my dinner.  I prepared the salad, put it in the fridge.  

When F came home I asked him if he'd like to have part of my meal and he said yes.  I got busy with the prep. It didn't take all that long.  We had spaghetti with mushroom Alfredo sauce.  The sauce had sauteed ground chicken in it.  There was salad and lovely savoury bread.  Dinner was good, even if I say so myself.  I was pleased, and F seemed to like it all.

He did dishes for me and then we sat down in the living room.  I watched Covert Affairs on the couch with F, and we had the last of the mincemeat tarts too.  I did a little crochet as well.  

After 11, F decided to go to bed.  He was very, very tired, so I didn't mind too much.   

I watched some TV and then blogged.  It has been a quiet but nice evening.  I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow night, but come back and find out!  I've got to go.  Night!

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