January 11, 2014

Saturday - cold and snowy

A "meh" day.

I went to bed ever so late last night.  I stayed up to watch So You Think You Can Dance auditions and then crawled into bed late.  I slept in late this morning too.

I got up and F was in the living room in his pyjamas.  I got up, showered and then came back to the living room.  F…still in PJs.  I started talking about lunch and he got dressed.  We finally decided on a place that was okay for him and we left.  

We went to Cafe Futaba and were lucky enough to get a table right away.  F and I sat down and looked at the menu, ordered. Yay. No.  He started talking about his back and what he should do and I mentioned some related (in my mind) problems.  He wasn't impressed, got very angry at me, and basically stared down at the table for the rest of the meal.  You know, I used to think that all men in Japan were the strong silent type, but the couple at the next table were chatting away quite nicely.  

After lunch we came home for a few minutes then went to a travel agent to buy my train tickets for next month.  Then, back home again.  And at 5 pm in the evening, F went to bed.  Yup, changed into his PJs and everything.  I wasn't impressed.  

He slept and I looked for something to cook for dinner.  I finally settled on making some muffins and some pancakes.  I had some leftover mix I wanted to use up. I baked some muffins, cooked (and burned-oops!) some pancakes, and had dinner.  F ended up getting up just before the muffins were finished so I invited him to have one, which he did.  Then he stayed up for a while.  

We didn't exactly fight today, but we didn't exactly have an enjoyable day.  Tomorrow we might go to the mall and see a movie, or stay home if the weather is really bad. I'm not sure.  Come back and see if the spirit moves you to!  Night.

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