January 12, 2014

Sunday - Snowy then clearing in the evening

An okay day

I got up a bit late today, but before noon so I was pleased with myself!  F had gone out and cleared snow, so he was tired and achy.  He asked if we could go to the internet cafe for some massaging chair action, so I said it was fine. 

We went, and were both able to get chairs.  We had lunch there too. I had baked curry with chicken and French fries and they were both good.  I watched the end of the Alistair Maclean movie from the other day and did a lot of crochet.  Yay me.  My hat is about half done.

When it was time to leave we went to the mall.  We checked the movie schedule time and had only 5 minutes if we wanted to go and see Escape Plan, the new Stallone/Schwarzenegger film.  We hemmed and hawed for a minute and then decided to go for it.  F got the tickets (we had coupons for free movies today…yay!) and I got the popcorn & drinks.  

We both enjoyed the movie. It wasn't "great" but it was fun and honestly, it was a happy thing to see Arnie and Sly on the big screen again! 

After the movie we hacked around the mall a little.  We bought some non-perishables in the grocery store, then had 2 free donuts plus drinks at Mr. Donut, then went back to the grocery store to get something for dinner.  

We drove home and at home unloaded the bags of stuff we bought.  I had chicken and salad, F had sashimi and fried oysters and other stuff.  We watched some TV and had a fairly quiet night.  I've been answering some email…some fairly weighty stuff that took a lot of thought to write, so I haven't done a lot of other things.  

Tomorrow I may be out with my husband, I'm just not sure.  We haven't made plans yet.  That's it for me.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!


Orchid64 said...

Just hearing you talk about your visit to Mr. Donut makes me envious. That's a moment I'd like to inhabit again. :-)

Helen said...

I was thinking about you yesterday too! I had the kinako "hot" donut and remembered that you like the flavour and had written about them. By the time we sat down to eat the hot donut it was barely warmed, but it was an interesting change...I don't really need to repeat it though!