January 13, 2014

Monday - Snowy and cold

An okay day.

I got up this morning a bit late, but not too bad.  I was up, talking to F.  We watched Ugly Betty, but he went back to bed before it was over.  

I went back to bed too, and fell asleep.  When I woke up it was the afternoon and F was up again!  We decided to go out for lunch, we went to Pisolino.  It was good actually.  Of course, we ate too much again, but I didn't do too badly really!  I had a plan this time and I walked all around the food first to choose what I wanted, rather than grabbing a bit of everything.  I should try and do that more often.

We hit up the drugstore on the way home and then came home.  We stayed here the rest of the night.  

We had a fairly decent evening.  F watched that horrid TV programme where they send a poor kid off on their own and then follow them with a camera.  Oh the hilarity!  Child abuse in my mind.  If my sister had done that with either of her kids I would have reported her. Then again, my sister wouldn't.  She has sense.  

I watched Scandal, then during White Collar I set up the bread machine for myself.  I set the timer to come off a little before I usually get up.  I have to get up early tomorrow, so I hope having a reason will work!

Now I'm watching a Jason Statham movie, so all is right with the world.  Not with his world you understand, he's fighting and shooting, but it's quite good.  The only bad thing is the baddies are Russian and Chinese so they keep talking in their languages and it is only subtitled in Japanese. Sigh.  

Tomorrow I have a lunch date and I am looking forward to it.  I need a bit of girl talk.  Actually, I need a lot of girl talk!  Come back tomorrow and I'll let you know what happens…maybe!  Night.  

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