January 19, 2014

Sunday - Warm but snowy

A good, relaxing day.

I slept in rather late this morning…or should I say early this afternoon? I woke up but kept sleeping longer.  I got up and F started to talk about going out for lunch right away, but I didn't want to!  I checked the TV schedule and there was a Daniel Radcliffe film on WOWOW in a little bit, going out to lunch would make me miss it.  I reminded F that we had talked about ordering in sushi, so we did that.  

It was a nice idea as the fish was good and it was a low key sort of meal.  We both got to relax longer and we enjoyed our meal.  F took a bit of a nap and I watched the movie and made pom-poms.  It was very creepy and didn't quite end the way I thought it would.  I'm glad I saw it in the daylight.  It was The Woman in Black in case you are looking out for it. 

After it was over we talked about going out and finally decided that it was a good idea.  First we went to the bank machine and then…yes, you guessed it, the Internet Cafe.  We were able to get chairs right away.  I did a whole lot of crochet and then watched The Incredible Journey.  At the end of the movie there were tears just streaming down my face.  I'd seen it before, but the gorgeous Siamese running down the hill was so much like our Siamese cat, and then poor old Bodger, the old Bull Terrier that everyone had given up on and…..sob… I'd been waiting for that film for the whole month, ever since I saw that it would be on.  

I wouldn't leave the Internet Cafe when our 3 hours were up.  I wanted to stay longer and do some reading.  We stayed another hour and I got a couple of newspapers read, so I was quite pleased.  

We bought a few groceries so I can make dinner for tomorrow night and then came home.  We had a good and quiet night at home.  I sewed the pompoms onto my hat's cord and then asked F to take more pictures.  I'll post them below!  I also took some photos of my lapghan to post onto Ravelry.  
Co-ordinates with my coat!

The no pom-pom look.  Boring!

With pom-poms.  Much better!

My corner to corner lap afghan. 

And that was my day.  It was quite nice actually. It was nice not to race around and argue about where to eat.  It was rather relaxing and I definitely needed that!  Got to go.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Great hat! The pompoms give it a perfect finish. I like your blue and black variegated yarn. Your lap blanket is sure to be nice and cozy.

Helen said...

Thank you! It's a really easy hat to make, and I like that it is convertible, I can use it as a neck warmer instead of a hat if necessary.

I like the yarn for the lap blanket too. I love the blue and the black together...it's so stiff right now though. I hope if I wash it, it will soften up.

Thanks for visiting :-)