January 2, 2014

Thursday - Cold and a little snowy

An okay day.

I overslept this morning. I heard later from F that my alarms went off, but they didn't wake me up.  Sigh.  Sorry!

I got up, took a shower and a bit later we went out.  We had watched a bit of TV.  D-Life is running a lot of episodes of Friends so I'm quite happy about it.  Yes I have them on DVD, but I don't get to watch them that often!

We had a quick lunch at Gusto, then went to the Internet Cafe for a spot of karaoke.  We had to have a massage first, but a room came available before I even finished my first massage!

I had fun singing, but I'm not sure that F did.  He had a headache all day.  I wouldn't have gone to karaoke but F said it was fine.  

Afterwards, we picked up stuff for dinner at the grocery store and then came home. I printed up some nengajo for F and then he wrote them.  The dvd-rom got stuck in my computer and I tried everything to get it out.  It didn't work. ARGH.  

F made his dinner and then I did mine. I put a few things out on the table and we ate.  F had an early night, I am still up quite late.  
I did a spot of ironing and then spent the next few hours on my computer.  I finally got the dvd out by making it active again, then closing it and ejecting it.  It worked. Yay!!

Tomorrow I have plans with a friend in the next city so I have to get up early.  I hope I can for a change!  F has strict orders to wake me up in the morning.  

That's it for me for tonight.  I have no ideas what we'll get up to tomorrow after my lunch, but I hope it'll be fun.  Come back and see for yourself!  Night.


Mieko said...

Happy New Year!
Today we got up late, and now we are going to a shrine nearby -- and -- we have no ideas, just relux at home.
Hpw's the meeting with your friend? This year pleace come to my city.

Helen said...

The meeting with my friend was great! It was lovely to see her.

I would like to visit your city, but it is hard to get away sometimes!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)