January 20, 2014

Monday - Cold and snowy…didn't go out

A pretty good day really.

I got up this morning and felt a tad odd.  I was tired and so I caught an extra few winks on the couch, but did wake up in time to watch The Ghost Whisperer and have some breakfast.  

I took a shower and then worked on my computer for a bit. I threw in a small load of laundry too. No biggie.  

When it was getting close to 2:30 I went into the kitchen and started putting dinner together.  I prepped all the veggies first…peeled potatoes, carrots, cleaned a bit of kabocha and then the mushrooms and onions.  When I was finished all of that, I smashed a couple of garlic cloves up and cooked them in a little olive oil in my big pan.  Then I added in a little bacon I stole from F's stash…took out the bacon and the garlic pieces which were nicely brown.  

Anyway, I made stew!  I was quite worried because it was started so late in the day, but it worked really well.  When F came home he vegged a little while I put the dumpling mix together and then cooked them on the top of the stew.  We had a nice dinner.  I did chicken stew and it was the first time that I've ever done that.  I would like to make it again and follow a recipe more, but honestly, mine  was quite nice!  F and I both had seconds and there's enough for dinner tomorrow too.  Yay!

F did the dishes, but there weren't really that many.  We just used one bowl each and I had cleaned as I worked so it was okay.

We had a fairly quiet evening.  F was watching some bad J-TV and I was ignoring it.  At 11:00 I went over to the couch for some Scandal and some crochet.  Both were fun!

After midnight, F took his bath and we're both still up, way too late really.  I'll be posting this soon and then hopefully getting to bed before long.  

No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that eh?  Night!

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