January 21, 2014

Tuesday - Snowy?  Didn't go out again.

An okay day.

I went to bed before 3 last night.  F stayed up late too, which I really wish he wouldn't. Anyway, I got up a bit late this morning.  Lately I've been waking up just after 8 and then going back to sleep until 9:30 or so.  I really wish I wouldn't wake up early!

I got up, got dressed and got on with my day.  I was eating a late breakfast around noon when F called and asked if I'd like to have lunch.  Well, no!  I told him I was still on breakfast and apologized to him.  

I had a quiet day in my apartment. I did a little research for something I might be working on later in the year, and watched a bit of TV.  

F came home on time tonight so I got dinner started quite early.  I think I did rather well tonight!  I reheated the stew and cooked some pasta.  We had last night's stew on top of pasta, and it was nice.  It was lovely not having to make a whole meal from scratch!

After dinner F did the dishes and we relaxed.  He watched a bunch of stuff on TV that wasn't too annoying for a change and then at 9 I took over and watched my stuff.  F wasn't feeling great so he went to bed before midnight tonight.  He has taken tomorrow off work so I'm not really sure how our day will turn out.  I need to finish up something from my women's group and I have told him that I must do it tomorrow.  

Well, that's it for me.  Today was nice, I just hope that tomorrow will be too.  Wish me luck.  Night!

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