January 24, 2014

Friday - warmish and sunny

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and had to fill up the kerosene tank right away.  That was not so much fun.  After that, I came through to the living room and watched my shows and for some reason, fell asleep at my computer.  I fell asleep and woke up just before 12:20.  I took myself over to the couch and fell asleep properly for a while.  

When I woke up I had my second wind and got busy.  I went out into the lobby of the apartment building and swept both floors, then came back in to our apartment.  I vacuumed and got a few spots that I don't usually bother doing.  I was quite pleased with myself.

F came home tonight around 6:30 and vegged for a bit. I started talking about dinner, but he didn't know what he wanted.  I watched the BBC news and then Friends and when I looked up, he had gone.  He sneaked into the bedroom and closed the door.  

I didn't see him again until after midnight.

I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to wake him up, so I did some crochet and surfed the net.  Finally, around midnight I decided to make some food.  I grabbed something out of the freezer, heated it and ate it. 

I had carbonara, and it was quite nice.  Soon after, F got up and was surprised to see that it was so late.  He had some food and then stayed up.  

I'm probably going to go to bed soon. I'm a tad tired and really need my beauty sleep!  No ideas what I'll get up to tomorrow.  Come back and see!  Got to go.  Night.

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