January 3, 2014

Friday - Cool and windy, no rain until the evening

A good day.

I went to bed a little after F last night, but managed to drag myself out of bed before him today.  Yes!  After turning on the heater, the lights, and my computer I took a shower.  

F and I headed off to Sakata around 11 am to meet my friend.  We were almost late, but not quite.  We found my friend and her little one, and F dropped me off.  My friend, little one and I had a nice lunch in a family type restaurant and then called F and suggested he meet us for dessert in another place.

We had lovely tea or coffee in a nearby bakery, but the little one was getting tired and since it was almost nice weather out, we all walked to a park and let the little one have a run around.  F did child care and my friend and I were able to have a nice chat about upcoming events.  

Too soon it was time to go.  It was cold out and the little one needed some sleep.  

F and I drove off and went to Mikawa Aeon.  F had some headphones that he wanted to have repaired so he took them in and then we went to Mr. Donut and had 2 of our 10 donuts!  F wanted a haircut, so I gave him directions to the local discount places and I went shopping.  I trolled the craft shop and almost bought a few things, but didn't, then looked at the large size clothing department.  There wasn't much I was really interested in there.  I said to F afterwards that when I went to one of "my" shops in Canada as soon as I went in the door, I'd be grabbing things to try on, but here in Japan I'm only ever mildly interested in things and I  can usually talk myself out of trying things on!

F couldn't get a haircut because the place was shut, so we got back in the car and drove to Tsuruoka.  We checked out the hair places here and they were closed too.  Poor F.  No joy.  

We went home for a little while and then I suggested going to the Komagi-spa for dinner.  F thought it was a good idea, and we did that.  We drove there and found that it was busy. We had to wait about 20 minutes before we were seated.  It was quite a good idea because both of us had food that we liked.  F had all kinds of fish, and actually, so did I!  It was quite good.  There was one fish dish I liked a lot. It was a mixture of the local turnip (kabu), tomato sauce and a fish.  It was nice.  

After dinner, we mailed some late nengajo and then came home.  I watched a lot of TV tonight, including another new show, Twisted.  It was…a lot like Pretty Little Liars, but not as fashionable, at least not yet.

That was my day.  It did start raining hard in the evening, but apart from that, we had good weather.  Certainly very decent for the January 3rd!  

Tomorrow F is back to work and I have the day off.  What will I get up to?  Hmm.  Come back tomorrow and find out.  Night!

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