January 8, 2014

Wednesday - Rainy 

A better day.

I woke up rather rudely this morning when F came back in the bedroom and turned on his bedside lamp.  The one that was pointed at my face.  Yuck.  After he left I just got up. I couldn't sleep any more, there wasn't any point.  

I watched a couple of my morning shows, but during Ugly Betty I was making my breakfast when who should appear?  I wasn't happy to see him at all.  He proceeded to change into his pyjamas and went to bed.  

I finished my breakfast and continued with my life.  I showered and a little while later had a nap.  I was so tired.  I snoozed for a few minutes then had a light lunch.  F came out around then and made himself something.  I think he went back to bed soon afterwards.  

Later in the evening he went out to get us some kerosene and when he was out I vacuumed the apartment. It was sorely needed as the vacuum has been hidden in the storage area for a while.  I finished and when F came home again, he seemed a little different.  

He asked if I'd like to go to the Internet Cafe with him, so I said yes.  I didn't have anything pressing to do at home, and it gives me a good chance to crochet in peace!  Off we went.  Things were getting friendlier.

I couldn't get a massaging chair at the beginning, but I was able to move to one just after I had done all of the laying out of my stuff in the room I was in! I got the room next to F and then I ordered my dinner.  Yes, it has a cafe there too!  I watched some regular TV and then flipped over to the Movie Channel and found "Alistair Maclean's Air Force One is Down" on, so I watched that.  I practically had to, since I'm a huge Alistair Maclean fan!  It wasn't very good, I took a nap in the middle but it had its moments.  I'll have to see if I can catch the rest of it another time.

We came home after 3 hours and I asked F to help me book plane tickets for next month.  Some of it was a little complicated, but we managed. 

I watched a bit of TV and then F went to bed. I should try and get there soon too.  I'm quite tired since I woke up so early today.  Got to go.  Night.

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