January 9, 2014

Thursday - Cold and a little snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning early again, not as early as the last couple of days, but still well before my alarms started going off.  

I had a quiet morning, did a little playing on the internet, and caught up on my email reading.  I skipped breakfast, although I didn't mean to, and had lunch around 1 pm.  I had my leftovers from a couple of nights ago and they were yummy!  I could really taste the smoked paprika. It was lovely.  I'll try using it again.  

I had planned/hoped to go out, but I never got around to it.  I took my money out of my coin bank and counted it and prepared it to take to the post office.  I'm going to be using it next week I think, so I thought I should prepare it.  

In the evening F came home and it was nice.  He was quiet and a bit late tonight.  After a while I asked if he was going to go out for dinner or make it here.  We talked about where to go and I suggested an Udon/soba shop that I like.  We went there, not sure if they'd still be open, and they were.  Yay.  We had a nice meal, I had niku soba, basically soba with meat, and we shared an order of tempura.  It was nice.  

After we stopped at a grocery store for a few groceries.  I'm going to make spaghetti for my dinner tomorrow night.  We have some good alfredo sauce and I bought some ground chicken to saute and add to the sauce, plus a small salad, so I think it'll be nice.  If F wants some it's fine, if not, fine.  

We came home and F watched a bit of TV.  To do him fair credit, he did put it on an English show for me, but I usually watch it at another time as it just works better for me.  

At 11:15 I watched Once Upon a Time and did a little crochet.  My hat is going quite well. I think it'll be nice.  I hope so!

And that basically was my day.  Things are so much better than they were, but who knows how long they will stay that way?  I have things to think about.

Oh, just before I go, some pictures of my latest projects.  Two of them are still very much in progress, but the scarf is done. It's cute, but it isn't really my thing as the colours aren't that great for me!

Frilly scarf

Morphy hat

Table runner for my sister


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