February 13, 2014

Thursday - Cold and snowy.

A good day.

I woke up early today, before F got up.  I tried to take the bread out.  I managed to get it out of the machine, but not out of the pan!  It took F a few hard knocks on the counter to do it later.  He wouldn't get up this morning. It was rather odd. I was worried he'd be late for work, but I think he made it.

I got up, then napped on the couch.  I slept through the nasty infomercial and woke up for Ghost Whisperer.  I had breakfast too and read the newspaper.

Later on I took a shower and thought about going out.  When I looked outside the snow was swirling around so I decided to stay home!  I watched the show I taped last night, and then decided to have lunch.  I made pseudo pancakes with the leftovers from last night's dinner. It was nice really.  

When I finished eating I washed all the dishes and then went outside to shovel some snow.  Unfortunately I used the wrong shovel…I didn't know it had a crack in it, so I made the crack much, much bigger in it. I did move a lot of snow though.

When I came in I did a bit of vacuuming so I was surprisingly busy today!

F came home and was in a much better mood than last night.  He suggested going for shabu-shabu. I didn't mind at all, so that's what we did.  It was quite nice tonight, and we ate quite well.

After a quick trip to the post office to do some mailing, we went to the grocery store.  We're going to have pasta with chicken tomorrow night.  I think it should be good.

That's about it.  I had a good day.  F made some chocolates for Valentine's Day, but he hasn't let me have them yet.  Probably a good thing!   I have to go.  Night!


Mieko said...

Happy Valentine's day. I bit today you got F's chocolate. I prepared chocolate for male students, and probably I'll give the leftover for my husband Y. We also have snow, thouth it's less than you have.

Helen said...

Thank you for your Valentine's Day wishes, to you too !

I didn't get any chocolates yet, they are still in the fridge. When he says I can have some I will :-)

Good luck with the snow! We've actually been lucky this year, we haven't had too much. I am VERY happy about that!!!