February 14, 2014

Friday - Cool and clear in the day, snowy at night
Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm still up at 4am with my blog unwritten.  I've been watching the Men's Figure-skating and it was great.  Japan actually won, and it wasn't Daisuke who did it, it was the young Yuzuru Hanyu.  He even beat my favourite, Patrick Chan.  Sigh.  Still, it was very good to watch them all.

The rest of my day…I got up at a good time, but took a nap on the couch…for 2 hours.  I was so surprised when I woke up that late.  I got up and read the paper and had a little breakfast and tea.

In the afternoon I quickly wrote a couple of postcards, scanned them and then ran them to the post office.  When I say ran, I mean biked!  I couldn't ride in our driveway as it is all icy, but the roads outside are nearly clear.  I got there and made a transfer of money and mailed my postcards and bought some gotochi cards.  

When F came home I got dinner started right away.  I poached some chicken and started the water boiling for the pasta.  We eventually had poached chicken with spaghetti genovase and salad.  It was darn good!  F did the dishes tonight and then we had some of his chocolate.

His chocolate was wonderful!  Last year it was too sweet, but this year it was just about perfect.  It was very soft.  Who knew that a bread maker could be used for such sweet treats?

Then, we decided to go to the Internet Cafe.  We didn't have any plans and hoped to get a massaging chair each.  F misplaced his card (because I gave it back to him when I went to Tokyo last week!) but they let him in anyway.  We spent about 4 hours there tonight. It was fairly quiet and I was enjoying the TV and drink bar.  I did a bit of crochet, a bit of reading and just relaxed.

We came home and I watched some of my TV shows before letting F watch Olympics.  I quite enjoyed the skating to be honest.  The men were good.  

Anyway, that's it for me for tonight. I'm tired and I need to get a bit of sleep.  Talk to you tomorrow night I think.  Night.

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