February 16, 2014

Sunday - Clear but cold

A weird sort of day.

I got up late this morning.  We hadn't planned anything specific for today except I wanted to do our bedding at the laundromat, and have lunch somewhere.  I told F that if he wanted me to wake up, he should make some noise and have the lights on.  Well, it sort of worked, but when I got up for good, it was just the Olympics on TV and I'm sort of over that.  

Still, I got changed into some clothes and then asked F to come and give me a hand stripping the bed.  He wanted to know where to put the dirty sheets and I pointed out the bag on the floor.  Then he accused me of giving him a dirty look and stormed off.  Huh?  For once, I really didn't know what he was talking about.  I am getting so blind these days that I could barely see the bag so I really don't know what he was on about.  Anyway, we yell at each other for a bit and then I pull the cover off my quilt, he does the same for his, and we get ready to go. Does he really think I enjoy laundry so much that I want to go through this every single time I ask him to take me to the laundromat?

I get the coins ready. We charge ourselves 100 yen per regular wash, so that we can buy ourselves a new washing machine someday and/or we can do laundry without panicking about coins.  

We drive over to Voice and first have lunch in Junior Paper Moon.  It is slightly more expensive than I planned, but honestly, not too bad at all.  We both had carbonara and it came in a set with soup, salad, drink and dessert.  It was under 1500 yen, so really quite reasonable.  

After lunch someone was in a better mood.  Oh, and so was I.  We went to the laundromat, did our thing, and sat around and I read for a while.  That was good.  We  transferred our bedding to a dryer and I put in a fabric softener sheet.  Then we set it for 30 minutes.  I had wanted to look at the recycle (secondhand) shop, so we left our stuff and drove over there.  I looked around, but there wasn't anything that was suitable for my workshop.  The few things that would have worked were too expensive.  When it was nearly time up, I couldn't find F so I called him.  

We went back to the laundromat.  Most of the stuff was done, but not all, so we took the dry stuff out, folded it.  Normal really.  F and I both have a different standard of what dry is.  For me, for bedding it had damn well better be desert dry, for him swamp dry is just fine.  We take out our laundry, fold it up, bring it home.

We make up the bed.  We're both almost friendly now!  F goes off to watch the Olympics, I do computer stuff for a bit then get really sleepy so I go to bed for a bit.  I got up later and started to ask about dinner. 

We went to Cafe Pacific Airy Heights and had a good dinner there.  For the first time, F had a Japanese style meal there, and I had chicken so I was happy.  He seemed happy too!  We even had dessert and a beverage there for a change.  

We came home via the grocery store. I'm going to try and make chicken vegetable soup tomorrow.  If I start it in the morning, it should be ready for dinner.  F wants to have sandwiches with it, so I gave him the option tonight of either making bread or buying bread on the way home tomorrow.  He chose to make it.  

I did a few postcrossing cards up tonight, I'll run to the post office tomorrow if I have time and send them.  

So, after a bad start, things did get better.  I am tired of him always grumping at me.  I know his back and neck are hurting, but has he thought about asking about any of my problems lately? No, no he hasn't.  Men!  

That's it for me for tonight.  Tomorrow soup, post office and maybe more laundry are on the agenda.  Got to go. Night!

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