February 18, 2014

Tuesday - Cold with a bit of snow.  Didn't go out.

Had an okay day today.  I got up early for a change and stayed up, also for a change.  I watched my usual TV programmes.  I had a nice breakfast of yogurt and cereal, lunch was soup and toast with the last bit of the avocado.  

Today was quiet.  I read some of the newspapers and I relaxed a bit.  

In the evening after F came home, I made dinner.  We had soup and macaroni and cheese.  Yep, good old Kraft Dinner.  Yum.  My sister sent it to me from Canada.  

After dinner I cleared some of the stuff off the table and waited for F do to the dishes.  He didn't do them until midnight.  I didn't want to nag him so I didn't.  

I did a bit of knitting at 11 during Criminal Minds and then I came back to my computer.  Today was just a quiet day at home.

Tomorrow I'm going out with my friend and we're going to have lunch.  I'm already looking forward to it!  I just hope the weather isn't too bad or it'll be a lot less fun.  

I'm done for tonight!  Night!

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