February 20, 2014

Thursday - Cold and a little slushy

I woke up this morning about 7:30 and when I went to the toilet I noticed that F hadn't taken out the garbage.  Oh dear.  I got dressed and took it out. No big deal really.

I went back to bed and slept for a while. I also got up and slept on the couch for a while. Sigh.  I spent a fairly quiet day at home.  I did my computer stuff, a load of laundry and also got dinner prepped and ready to go.  I also decided that today was the day to break out my new frypan that I got last year.  Yay!

When F came home it wasn't great.  He wasn't feeling well. I felt bad for him.  While he watched the Olympics, I cooked dinner and then ate it.  He never did have dinner. I washed my dishes afterwards and we had a quiet evening in.  

F went to bed around midnight.  I had done a bit of knitting and then I set up the bread maker for the morning.  I'm now up late watching TV and blogging.  

I don't have any plans for tomorrow, or the rest of the weekend. I need to do more work on my column, and I also need to do a little bit of "stuff".  I hope it all works out!  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night.

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