February 23, 2014

Sunday - Mostly clear, bit of snow

A good day until a bump near the end.

I got up before 12 today, surprising and true, but only just!  F had to go and take his mum shopping, so I stayed home and watched The Gilmore Girls.  Yay.  Then, I napped on the couch.

F came home and we chatted for a while, decided to have Kintaro Sushi for lunch.  We drove over there.  Even though it wasn't busy, it wasn't quiet there either.  

After lunch we popped into the mall for a bit of tea.  I treated F for a change. It was nice, but I had Royal Milk Tea and the milk stuffed up my nose.  Following that, we tried to go for karaoke at the Internet Cafe, but it was busy.  We went instead to the place by our grocery store.  We had a nice couple of hours while we sang a bunch of great songs.  

Next up was dinner, and while I was okay with going to a fish place for F, he suggested Bikkuri Donkey! so that's where we went.  We both had nabe, two different versions. Mine wasn't too spicy, but it was nice.  And that's where we hit the old bump.   F got out his iPhone and started watching videos on it.  I was furious.  We were having such a nice time, I thought, up till then.  He puts his earphone in and starts watching videos.  Hmm.  I stopped talking to him.  When it was time to leave I walked off and left him, and then when we were near the grocery store, I said yes when he asked if I needed stuff.  

I went in, bought stuff that I wanted for dinner tomorrow and then left.  I did tell him to get what he wanted though.

We came home and after a bit he got started on my taxes.  He did them up and then explained them to me.  However, just looking at the numbers I could see that he'd messed something up, so I suggested he check again.  He did and found his mistake.  Then, after I gave him some tea and thanked him for doing this for me he explained that he was watching videos about doing taxes at the restaurant.  Why didn't he say so?  He could tell I was upset, why didn't he just say,"This is about the tax forms"?

We got a bit friendlier, but honestly.  He went off to take his bath, so I set up the bread maker for tomorrow.  We're going to have whole wheat bread and I'm quite happy about it.  I like it a lot.  F makes a lot of weird breads (in my opinion) but I'd rather have plain bread made with healthier flours whenever possible.

Anyway, that's it for me. It was mostly a good day, but I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.  I have to work on my column as F will be off on Tuesday to take me to the tax booth in the mall.  Night.

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