February 24, 2014

Monday - no idea…didn't go out!

An okay day.

I got up this morning a little bit late, but had no plans so it wasn't a problem.  I watched my show while I ate breakfast and read the papers.  F popped home for a bit and did offer to take me out, but I didn't really feel like it.

He brought a bento home and ate it, then headed back to work. I had a quiet rest of afternoon.  

When F called to say he was on his way home I went into the kitchen to get a start on dinner.  Tonight I cooked Brussels Sprouts and they were very good.  I found a recipe where you cut them up and then stir-fry them in brown butter.  Nom! I also sauteed a couple of mushrooms that had been hanging around, plus the chicken for dinner.  We had all of that with salad and it was really good.

F worked on my taxes again this evening. He had to re-copy the sheets and was generally being a bit of a pest.  He wouldn't let me turn off the TV during dinner, and then after dinner proceeded to watch crap most of the night.  I noted that I'd like to watch something at 10 and then changed my mind, so he got angry. I'm not sure why. He got to watch more stuff than I did tonight.

I put my walkman on for a while and listened to a podcast. It finished just as F went to take a shower so I started watching TV.  

My night so far has been quiet and calm, the way I like it.  Tomorrow, who knows?  We're going to take my taxes to the place in the mall.  I really think it'll take all of two minutes, but F wants to go early…along with everyone else in Tsuruoka I bet.  Then of course we have no plans for the rest of the day.  Sigh.  Come back tomorrow and I'll try and fill you all in what happened.  Night.

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