February 27, 2014

Thursday - Clear and then rainy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning just after F made a special appearance to get his wallet.  Sigh.  I overslept again. 

I got up, watched my show, took a shower, had breakfast and watched The Listener, and for the rest of the afternoon either watched some TV or something on tape.  I also worked on my column finally. I have one more movie that I intend to write about and then I'll be done! Yay.  

F came home a little late tonight and after he had a chance to relax we went out for dinner.  I chose Fireball tonight and it was nearly empty when we got there.  We had smoked salmon and mushroom pasta in a vodka sauce plus a chicken and gorgonzola pizza.  For a change, I would say the pizza was actually better than that pasta.  It was a nice meal.  

After dinner we hit up the grocery store for tomorrow's dinner. We're going to have a garlicky chicken thing that I bought in the store…sort of a shake and fry kind of thing.  

We came home and had a nice quiet evening in, until I made a comment about the tatami room which F didn't like.  He has the opinion that it is lovely in there, I think it is mouldy and gross and no one should leave anything they like in that room!  He was going to go off on me and get all tanty, but I tried to change the conversation.  He went to bed soon after and didn't want to say good night to me.  Sigh.

Tomorrow, I have to finish up my column, do an area report and prepare for the weekend.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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