February 4, 2014

Tuesday - snow flurries then clear, snow at night

A not great day.

I got up early today, so I was pleased with myself.  I did usual morning things and even did some of my computer things early so they wouldn't interfere with the rest of my day.  

F called and asked me out for lunch.  We went to his Chinese place and it was okay.  I enjoyed my meal.  He dropped me off at home and that was that.

In the afternoon I scanned my cards and then ran them off to the post office to send them. I also bought a few new stamps.  I got flowers and the spring stamps.  I could have bought the Japan-Kenya friendship stamps…they are beautiful with lions and giraffes and African scenes on them, but I thought it would be weird to send them.  I also found there are some Japan-Swiss friendship ones coming soon.  Even though it was cold, I enjoyed biking in February.  

At home again I began prepping dinner.  I was behind, but I did a lot of work peeling and chopping veggies.  Finally it was time to get started.  F had called in the midst of this to tell me he'd be late. I was pleased because I was running really late.  Finally when he came home, I had everything in the pot cooking away. After a while I put together the dumpling mix, added them to the top of the boiling stew and let it cook away.  

When it was time to sit at the table to eat, F wouldn't come.  I went to the washroom, having dished up some stew for each of us, and then came back to the kitchen.  He still wasn't at the table.  I asked him to come so that I could sit and eat.  At that he got angry, stormed off to the bedroom and closed the door.  

I ate my stew, and it was darn good.  I put his stew back in with the rest of it and put it in the fridge.  Then I did the dishes.  

I didn't see him again until after 1 in the morning.  He's still up for some reason.  We're not talking.  That's it.  I'm done for tonight.  I will probably update tomorrow night, but Thursday is doubtful and I'm away for the weekend.  Hopefully, talk to you tomorrow night.  

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