February 5, 2014

Wednesday - Cold with snow

Brr.  When I got up this morning it was a cold 10 degrees in the apartment. 

I had a quiet morning.  I skipped breakfast, but did have some tea, read the paper and took a shower.  I got dressed and watched a bit of TV.  I watched part of a movie, Water for Elephants in the afternoon. It was okay, but not great.  I received a  package in the mail so I got a bit distracted towards the end.

My BFF in Canada had sent me some clothes.  I got some pyjamas and a leisure outfit, something nice and cozy for being "at home" in.  Everything looked nice and fitted well too.  Yay!

Around 4 I decided to do some shredding!  I have been saving up a bunch of papers that I want to shred before I throw out, but I don't like getting out the shredder because it is noisy and takes a while.  I can only do 5 sheets of paper at a time, but most of what I need to shred are things like envelopes and post office mailing records.  It was therapeutic to get it done though!

I wasn't sure how things would be when F came home as he was mad at me yesterday, but he was quite nice when he came home.  I hadn't changed yet as I wanted to see how things were, but I got dressed quite quickly and then tried to put on a little make up.  I had a weird thing happen.  I put on some lipstick and my lips started to burn.  I hope my lippy isn't contaminated or something. I washed off the lipstick. I was using an old compact make up box, so maybe it's time to chuck it, but the eye and cheek stuff were fine.  Weird!

We went to Bis, Bistro Des Points Wine bar and had a lovely dinner.  We had an assortment platter for our appetizers, then some French Fries.  Our entrees were nice.  We shared an order of duck and an order of venison.  Very nice.  I had a couple of drinks, one was a no-alcohol cocktail, a sparkling chardonnay and the other was a real drink, a cassis sour.  

We shared our desserts too. I had ordered an apple tart, but they asked if I minded getting a pear tart instead.  Of course not! They put a sparkler in mine and lit it, that was sweet!  F had chocolate cake, it was nice, but I liked mine more.  We cut our pieces in half and swapped them.  

Dinner was lovely.  F had a couple of glasses of wine too, so dinner wasn't cheap, but it was nice.  We called a taxi and came home again, where F gave me my presents.  I got some chocolate, some handkerchiefs and some gloves.  They're a light beige, I think they'll go nicely with my new coat.  

We had a quiet night in, I watched some Telly, my Wednesday usuals.  It was nice.  It's hard to believe that last night F and I weren't talking.  

Tomorrow I must have an early night as I'm off to Tokyo on Friday morning.  I'm probably not going to update my blogs tomorrow night as I will need to get some sleep.  Wish me luck and I hope to see you on either Sunday or Monday night. Bye!

PS…Happy Birthday to Me!


Rosa said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun in Tokyo--such a great place to visit, no?


Shonan LOvE said...

happy birthday from me as well

Helen said...

Thank you both for the Birthday greetings. Tokyo (and Kawasaki, where I stayed) were great fun to visit, but I could have done without the huge blizzard that trapped me and many, many other people in the Tokyo area. Details will probably follow!