March 10, 2014

Monday - cold and a bit snowy, clear in the afternoon

Was a good day at first.  

I got up at a good time today, debated showering and didn't just yet.  I watched my show, had some yummy toast and yogurt, and read some of the newspapers.  

After my first show, I showered and then came back for The Walking Dead.  I also did a bunch of laundry too. In fact, I did two loads, mostly in preparation for my trip.  

Around 5 I had a light and very late lunch then did the dishes.  

F came home around 6:30 and I was just starting to get dinner organized.  My back was sore and I was tired of standing, but I cleared off the table, set it, and then prepped all the vegetables.  Finally it was cooking time.  I cooked, thing went fairly well.  I had just served up the stir-fry and mentioned that I hadn't prepared anything to drink.  He went looking for drinks and I said I was going to sit down and start eating.  He got upset and said that he wanted to get out of the kitchen.  He refused to eat anything and that was that!

I ate, did the dishes, put the leftovers away and left the kitchen.   Then, he went and made his dinner.  

We barely spoke for the rest of the night.  He watched horrid Japanese TV until I took over the TV.  

He went to bed and I stayed up.  As usual.  And that was my day.  It started well, but ended not well.  So, that was my day. I'm not sure why F got upset, but then again, I rarely am sure why.  Tomorrow, the preparations for my trip continue.  Night!

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