March 11, 2014

Tuesday - Cold day

Not a good day.

I got up this morning at an okay time, had breakfast, basically the usual.  I read my paper as well.  Things were nice. I was by myself and things were quiet.

I had lunch late as usual, but no worries.  I watched The Help today.  I liked it, thought it was a little bit softened, but the performances were good.  

I got the usual "I'm mad at you and not talking to you" treatment from F tonight.  He started making his own food and I reminded him we were supposed to go out for dinner.  He stormed off to the bedroom.  In a little while I went in to talk to him.  It didn't go well.  

I left the bedroom.  Did my computer stuff.  I made dinner for myself later on, then he did the same for himself.  

We've been having angry words on and off at each other all night.  It isn't helping much.  He did ask that I try and go to bed earlier. I've been trying to do that myself, but it doesn't help, and when we've been fighting like this, doesn't make me want to be anywhere near him.  And sleep?  How can I? 

I get blamed for everything that's wrong in our marriage.  I'll accept my fair share, but I'm not to blame for everything.  

Sorry, this is a bit disjointed. I keep writing things and erasing them.  This is the internet and I don't know who's out there!

Oh, and of course it was also the anniversary of 3/11, the big earthquake.  I surprised myself by doing the minute of silence, and got quite emotional seeing some of the scenes from the tsunami on TV. I still remember how scary the earthquake was, and how much uncertainty there was and sometimes still is about the Fukushima situation. 

Anyway, I will sign off now.  I will be away on Thursday and Friday night, depending on how things go I may or may not update tomorrow night.   Night.

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