March 19, 2014

Wednesday - Cloudy, overcast, but not rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning before my alarms went off.  I know it is crazy, but I did.  I had to fill the kerosene tank, then settled in to watch the rest of Covert Affairs.  

I had a quiet day for the most part.  I watched some TV, had breakfast and lunch, did some laundry, wrote a couple more postcards, scanned them and then biked off to the post office and then then convenience store, and then came home.  

I cooked dinner tonight, and it was quite nice.  We had pasta with chicken and salad.  Simple, but nice.  

In the evening we had some tea and a nice conversation.  I checked the theatres in Yamagata and discovered that Frozen is playing in English there.  I asked F if he thought that we could go and see it and we're going to try!  We've made a reservation at a reasonable hotel and will drive there on Saturday.  With a little luck we'll get to see it.  I'm going to try and make F book us tickets before we go, so we don't have a wasted trip!

I'm excited!  We didn't have any plans for this weekend, even though I had asked earlier if we could make some.  Let's just hope it goes well.  

And, tomorrow night, F is going out with some friends.  I'm really glad for him.  He hasn't gone out for a while and I have, so I think he's quite due for some fun.  

That's it for me.  I have to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow night…hopefully I'll have fun.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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