March 26, 2014

Wednesday - Cloudy and overcast, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up this morning, watched a bit of tv, ate breakfast and read the paper.  In the afternoon I decided  to go out, so I did.  I went to a couple of banks to make withdrawals and deposits, then a drugstore.  I came home after that.

I unloaded my backpack, grabbed my book, and headed out again. This time I went to the mall. I had a tea and a sandwich at Doutors.  I read some of my book and then went shopping.  I didn't buy very much, honestly!  

I came home and relaxed for a minute or two.  After that, I got dinner underway.  I had sauteed basil chicken, garlic-lemon asparagus and salad.  It was lovely.  I really enjoyed my dinner.  While I ate, I started watching The Girl Who Played with Fire, the second movie in the Millennium series.  It was great.  I really enjoyed it and thought they did an excellent job of bringing the story out of a really wordy book.  

After the movie I watched some TV and did a little bit of crafting.  I finally tried out the craft that I'm doing in public in June and it worked quite well.  It's more difficult than I thought, but quite rewarding too.

That's about it for my day.  It's been quiet and nice and calm and productive, so I'm quite happy about the whole thing.  That's it for me.  Night!

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