March 27, 2014

Thursday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.  And, it's my Japanniversary.  I've been here for 17 years now.  

I slept in quite late this morning since I stayed up late last night.  Really late!

I got up and had a quiet relaxing morning. I had a little breakfast, then used my computer for a while.  

F came home for a bit at lunch and then left again.  After he left I took a shower and got on with my day.  My lunch was really late today, but very nice.  

F was a bit late today, but I didn't mind.  When he came home he showed me all of his injuries.  He's banged up his bad toe and hurt his wrist.  It has a huge bruise on it.  I have no idea how he manages to do that.

We tried to decide on dinner, but F pulled one of his, "Hey, if I say where I want to go you will say no," bits again and really upset me.  I had such a lovely day by myself yesterday, I felt good about myself, I was happy, and then he pulls that again.  I went and had a think in my bedroom then suggested a local place that we go sometimes.  I was thinking more about this whole thing, and you know, I don't get to eat my favourite foods either.  I don't get to have roast chicken whenever I want.  I can order it at Christmas, but it isn't really how I would like it. There are no Greek restaurants anywhere near here. I can't walk into a store or a restaurant here and buy my favourite foods.  I'm not deprived, but I am starting to feel like someone needs to just stop whining.  And I don't mean me.

Dinner was fine.  I decided that I'll make a quiche tomorrow night, so bought ingredients for that.  We came home and each watched a bit of TV.  I wrote up 4 postcards to mail off tomorrow if I have time.

And that was my day.  Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend and may do an errand or something with her.  In the afternoon I plan to mail my postcards and then get a start on my quiche.  I'm looking forward to it!  Night.

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