March 28, 2014

Friday - Warm and sunny

A good day with a bad start.

I woke up around 5 this morning. As I woke up I realized I had a huge headache.  It was bad.  I went to the washroom and then took a couple of tylenol.  I couldn't face going back to bed right then, so I sat on the end of the couch and fell asleep there.  

F got up a little later and found me there, and brought me back to bed.  We had a snuggle until I fell asleep again.  I slept quite late this morning, and really had to rush around this morning getting ready.

However, I basically made it. Yeah! I met my friend and we went over to Fireball for lunch.  It was really good and I think she liked it too.  We had pizza and pasta…her pizza was chicken and gorgonzola cheese, my pasta was smoked salmon and mushrooms in a vodka sauce.  Yum!  After lunch we did a little banking business and then decided we needed an ice cream to celebrate!  We went to S-Mall to do a little business and then had our Baskin Robbins treats.  I had yogurt peach and box of chocolate (or something like that).  Both were really good.  She drove me home and we made tentative plans to meet in a couple of weeks.  

I came in the apartment and started scanning my postcards. I scanned the ones I was sending and then the ones I received yesterday.  After that, I hopped on my bike and took the outgoing cards to the mail box.  That done, I came home and decided to get dinner started.  

I had to do a lot of food prep for my quiche, but it was okay.  F called to say he'd be really late, and he was.  By the time he arrived, I did have the quiche in the oven, but I had to do things like chop and pre-cook the veggies, so I was busy.  

I got the table set and put everything out, and then we ate.  It was good.  The quiche was yummy, and I made the asparagus the same way I did earlier in the week.  We both enjoyed our meal, and I am happy to report that no ramen was mentioned!

We had a quiet evening in.  I made some tea, we watched some of the World Figure-skating and then I put on some of my stuff.  After that, I watched a movie on NHK, Young Victoria, about the young Queen Victoria.  I rather liked it.  

F went off to bed and I really should go soon.  That headache has been bouncing in and out of my head all day.  It's just a little bit away at the moment.  

Tomorrow we might go shopping, and might see a movie, or might go to the Internet Cafe.  I'm not sure yet.  Come back tomorrow night and see what we get up to!  Night.

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