March 3, 2014

Monday - Cold, some snowflakes

A good day.  Oscar day!

I went to bed quite late, but did manage to get up this morning. It could have been the three extra alarms that I set that did it, but I woke up.  I also  had to do things like get dressed, refill the kerosene tank and have a quick breakfast  before I could turn on the heater, TV and my computer.  

After an hour of pre-show stuff, some of it cool red carpet stuff, it was time for the Academy Awards.  I Facebooked it as is my wont…and that was fun! I had people on two or possibly three continents chiming in and we had a blast.  My favourite moment?  I really liked the "selfie" and also Bill Murray's mini-tribute to Harold Ramis.  There were a few other moments that I liked too, but really I just enjoyed connecting with old friends the most!

In the afternoon, I did some other computer stuff, watched a bit of TV and then took a nap for 20 or 30 minutes. I was so tired.  During the day, I had some of my yummy bread that I made last night. It was awesome!  It really was.  Apple bread.  

When F came home I started cooking dinner.  I peeled a bunch of potatoes and boiled them, I fried the chicken, set the table, all with F getting in my way.  Tonight he really was in the kitchen every five minutes.  Sigh.  Dinner, when it happened, was quite good.  The potatoes were nice with butter and pepper on them, and the chicken was okay too.

We had a quiet evening in.  We actually re-watched the Oscars tonight.  I liked it because I got a second chance at speeches I missed or caught some of the jokes this time!

And really, that's about it for the day.  I did up four postcrossing cards, and will scan and send them tomorrow, then who knows?  It's supposed to be Shrove Tuesday tomorrow too, so that might be fun!  Wish me luck tomorrow. Night.

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