March 30, 2014

Sunday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.

I got up earlier this morning than I usually do on a Sunday.  F had gone over to his mother's to hang her new curtains for her.  I watched a bit of TV and then F came home.  He was a sweetie and he made breakfast for me today.  It was toast and quiche, but how lovely to have it prepared for me!

In the afternoon, F found Okuribito (Departures) on TV and we watched that.  We didn't go out until it was over.  I was a bit surprised that NHK edited out a couple of scenes though.  

We had a late lunch at Marumatsu.  It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.  It was fairly cheap though.  

After lunch we headed over to Hard Off. I wanted to see if there were more T-Shirts in and there were.  I picked up 6 shirts.  I'll likely have to go back again for more.  I got a notice that said they were having a sale, so I should go and pick up more stuff then!  I don't want to spend too much more money though.  

When we finished at the second hand shop, we decided to go to karaoke.  We drove over to one or our old favourites, only to discover that it wasn't there anymore.  Oh no!  We regrouped, went home for a minute or two and then went over to the Internet Cafe to have karaoke there.  

We had a lot of fun for 3 hours.  I tried doing Let It Go from Frozen.  I was terrible until I decided to just let it go and sing.  Okay, I was still terrible afterwards, but I enjoyed myself more!  We had a bite to eat there, I had pizza, F had a Japanese dish, and then we had to leave.

We went to the grocery store and picked up the makings of fajitas.  I'm going to attempt them tomorrow night.  I made them before and they were really great, I'm just hoping they will be tomorrow too.  

We watched a bit of TV tonight and then F took his bath and went to bed. I'm trying to get there soon too.  I'm tired, but I had a good day.  It was really surprising how nice it was.  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to!  Night.

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