March 6, 2014

Thursday - Snowy and cold

A good day

I got up this morning and took filled up the kerosene tank.  It's funny how it always falls to me to do when it is darn cold in the apartment!  I had breakfast and made the bed, did a few little things like read the paper.

And then, I got a call from F.  He wanted to have lunch with me.  I accepted, so we went out to his Chinese restaurant and had a good lunch.  He brought me home and I came into the apartment. 

I found in a little while that I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I took a nap on the couch.  It turned into a long snooze!

After F came home from work, he wanted to go to the Internet Cafe because his back was sore.  So, we did.  Of course, we couldn't get the massaging chairs right away, so we had to go to the reclining chairs instead.  

We spent about 4 and a half hours there, we got moved to the massaging chairs fairly quickly so that was good.  We ate our dinners there too, separately.  I finished my Dean Koontz novel, Deeply Odd there too.  I wish I could tell you how much I enjoyed it, but I can't.  It was bad.  It only got good in the last quarter or so.  I had basically given up on his novels before this, but thought I'd try one of these as I like the character.  Mistake!

We came home just after 11.  It was cold outside but not much snowier.  The roads looked very slippery. 

I'm planning to get to bed soon as I've been staying up much too late recently. So, that's it for me.  Talk to you tomorrow?  Night. 

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