March 8, 2014

Saturday - snowy and a bit cold and windy

A good day.

I got up fairly early this morning, and when I got up I made some tea and toast for the two of us.  That was nice.  In the early afternoon, we went out for our lunch to Patio in the mall.  We had an okay meal there. I had a lunch special which I liked, F had ramen which he said was "ok" but really means not very good!  After that, we went to the travel agency and booked my trip next week.  I wasn't able to come back on the Akebono (sleeper car, finishing its run on the 15th). 

After that, we had a tea in Doutors.  I tried their Royal Soy Milk Tea today and it was great.  It didn't make me all stuffed up like the regular stuff does.  Hurray for that.

We came home for a bit and relaxed, then went out for dinner.  We wanted to go to a buffet, but they weren't having it tonight, then decided on another restaurant.  On the way, I suggested another place, a keiten sushi restaurant that we don't usually go to. It was okay, not great though.

Then, we went to see Now You See Me at Machikine.  I had already seen part of it on the airplane, but I fell asleep in the middle. I was truly exhausted on my way back to Canada last year.  

We came home and I've been watching TV ever since.  I did some knitting at one point, made us  toast and peanut butter and heated up some tea.  

All in all, a pretty decent day.  Tomorrow I am hoping to do a few things around the house for a change before we go out.  Come back and find out what we get up to.  Night!

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