April 15, 2014

Tuesday - Sunny then rainy

A good day.

I got up late today.  It was probably because my sleep pattern got messed up last night.  I tried to go to bed earlier, but didn't get a lot of sleep.

I did my normal morning things. I checked email, read the paper, ate breakfast, watched my telly, and had a nice time. I finished my book too.  Woot. I got dressed and then in the afternoon got on with other stuff.  I tried to update the Flash Player on my computer, but it didn't work and I seem to have lost it from my browser.  Sigh.  

In the afternoon,I had lunch. It was yummy.  I took yesterday's leftovers, chopped them up, and sauteed them, then put a lightly fried egg over them.  I should have put either some cheese or some sour cream over them, but I forgot.  Bah!

After I did dishes, I cut up another tee-shirt.  I made some dark blue tarn today.  What will I do with it eh?  I hope I figure it out too!

One thing I didn't do today was start my column. Sigh.  Must do that, must!

When F came home it was raining, but we changed and went out anyway.  We wanted to have a Hanami together, but the rain was really nasty and the park was nearly empty. Half of the stalls were either closed or closing when we got there, it was sad. We walked through the trees a bit, but it was hard to take pictures with an umbrella in one hand!

After a quick once around the park, I insisted nicely that we leave.  I was getting quite damp and I didn't want to get sick.  We went back to the car and then I suggested going to Hyakkenbori for dinner.  It was empty when we got there, so we were able to be seated right away.  It was rather nice.  I had teriyaki chicken and F had a tempura dinner.  We both enjoyed our meals, although I would have liked to have some dessert after!

F suggested that we go to Mr. Donut after our meal, so that's what we did.  We each had a doughnut and tea or coffee.  It was quite relaxing really.  

We came home afterwards and had a quiet evening in.  F is off work tomorrow so he's staying up a bit later than I'd like.  He's got a couple of appointments for himself though so he won't be underfoot all day.  

That's it for me for tonight.  I'll try to write tomorrow night.  Talk to you then I hope.  Night!

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