April 17, 2014

Thursday - Sunny

A good day.

I got up early this morning, but came through to the living room and napped on the couch!   Dear dear.  I watched my TV, ate breakfast and had a quiet day really.

In the afternoon I made a necklace.  I took part of a t-shirt and did a little cutting and presto-changeo!  A new necklace.  It looks pretty good too!  

I worked on my column today and got it written.  It isn't the usual sort of column though, but it is okay.  I'll proof it and send it off soon.  

F was home late tonight.  He called me to say he was done, but went over to his mother's for a bit.  He didn't see her though.  

When he came home, I started cooking dinner.  Tonight I made sauteed mushrooms with maiitake and ordinary mushrooms, and asparagus plus chicken saute, and my usual salad.  It took a little prep time, but came together fairly well.  Finally, everything was ready and we ate. It was pretty good!

F did the dishes afterwards and we settled in for a quiet evening.  F watched a bit of Japanese TV which I ignored, then I watched some after 11 pm.  He's gone to bed now, and I'll run off there soon.  

Tomorrow, F is off work, but I have plans.  I'm going to have lunch with a friend, and hopefully ice cream too!  After that, who knows?

Come back tomorrow and find out what I got up to!  Night. 

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