April 2, 2014

Wednesday - Sunny and cool

A not great day.

I got up fairly early this morning, and came through to the living room. I got watched a bit of telly, checked email, then had breakfast and read the paper.  

In the afternoon I finally took a shower quite late and then did some of my craft project.  It went well, but I goofed up a bit. Still, it wasn't serious and I was just glad to get more of it done.  

F came home around 6 today. He was a bit tired I think, but not more than usual.  

I got started on dinner.  I had a lot of little things to do, and as usual, no help.  I got things underway. I cooked the broccolini, I set up the hash browns, I cooked the mushrooms…had the omelette ingredients standing by.  F did help when I asked by turning over the hash browns in the toaster oven.  I made the first omelette and put it on his plate.  I told him it was ready and waited for him to come over.  He didn't.  I made my own omelette, he still didn't come over.  I put a couple of hash browns on my plate, plus my half of the salad, some broccolini, and of course, the omelette.  He didn't come over.  I sat down and started to eat.  He saw me, got angry and decided not to eat dinner with me.  

Sigh.  I ate, did my dishes, threw his omelette in the garbage and cleared the table.    

It was odd though, he never did eat anything.  I hope he's feeling okay.  We did get a little friendlier as the night went on, but I'm quite mad still.  If I turn down something he's made (and didn't ask for) I never hear the end of it, but if I make a dinner that we agreed on together he doesn't have to even be polite enough to come to the table?  What's with that?

Anyway…Tomorrow I'll likely do more cutting up of t-shirts, and maybe get out of the house for a while.  I think I need a trip to the mall and the hundred yen shop!  Talk to you tomorrow night? Night.

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