April 24, 2014

Thursday - Sunny & warm

A busy day!

This morning when I got up I did something radical.  I got dressed right away!  Usually I lounge around the apartment and just enjoy my extended morning.  I did my computer stuff early, ate breakfast a little late, read the paper and watched my telly at the same time.  Then, I got busy.

I did a couple of loads of laundry and hung them up, and while they were in the machine, I took my bedroom apart.  I needed to get into my closet, so I did a bit of furniture moving too.  Anyway, I also scrubbed part of the wall and floor of my room.  I was a busy beaver.  

F called a couple of times, one to say that he wouldn't be late, the other to say that he might be late.  He was late!  

Around 5:30 I started on dinner.  I cut up the veggies, sauteed them to get out the water content, and then began making my quiche.  Tonight I used a recipe for a crustless quiche.  I put it into the oven and then when F did come home after 8pm, it was ready.  The table was set too, so all I had to do was prepare the hashbrowns, which I wasn't sure he would want anyway.  

Dinner was really nice.  We still have half of the quiche, which I'm hoping we'll save until Saturday morning.  We're going to a family thing and I think a good breakfast is definitely in order beforehand.

F did the dishes from our meal, I had done my cooking ones earlier so he didn't have a really tough job, and we settled in to relax.  I watched half of Nurse Jackie and taped the rest, then switched over to watch The Good Wife.  

I am tired!  I really didn't spend much time on my computer at all today, and feel like I had a productive day.  I didn't go out at all, but maybe I will tomorrow if I have time!  I have to go.  Night!

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