April 4, 2014

Friday - Rainy & colder

A good day!

I was woken up at least twice last night by F muttering in his sleep.  It was a tad annoying, but I don't think he meant to do it or anything.  Then this morning we ended up having a snuggle before I fell back asleep.  Unfortunately, he woke me up a couple of times by turning on the living room light when he was running around looking for car keys.  (Yes --Again.)

I was having a relaxing morning, I had oatmeal for breakfast and some tea, and was just on my computer when F phoned and asked if I'd like to have lunch.  Today I said yes.  I had to go and get dressed, so I did that and then went out to meet him when it was time.  

We just went to the Chinese/ramen restaurant nearby. I had spicy fried rice and soup, F had ramen of course.  

He dropped me back home and I watched a Diane Lane movie on NHK, Under The Tuscan Sun.  I loved it!  I know it was greatly changed from the book, but the film was lovely and quite life affirming.  After I watched the movie, I checked on the writer and director, and she was the person who wrote another one of my favourite films, The Truth About Cats and Dogs! If I'd known earlier, I definitely would have seen it before this.  
I wrote a couple more postcards and then scanned them.  I was going to run them to the post office myself, but it was quite rainy out so decided not to.  

F called me once to tell me that he'd be late, and then again to tell me that he wouldn't be and wanted to go out as soon as he got home.  So, I got ready to go out.  I gathered up my bag of tricks, changed, and then out we went. 

We ran to the post office first to send off my postcards and F's work stuff, then it was over to the Internet Cafe with us.  We were able to get the massaging chairs and spent the next few hours there.  They have changed their pricing now, and their menu.  One of those was good!  I had pasta with pork and it was really nice, F had some kind of ramen.  I watched some regular TV, half of a bad sci-fi movie and more regular TV, plus read a lot of my book, so I was rather glad.  

We came home after 11 and I watched more regular TV which was all quite bad, sad to say!  Things are winding down however, and I'll likely go to bed fairly soon.  Tomorrow I have a few things planned, come back and see what we get up to!  Night.

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