April 5, 2014

Saturday - Snowy, rainy, sunny-changeable

A good day!

I got up this morning just after F left for his doctor's appointment.  I took a shower and watched Nigel Slater.  Lovely.

When F came back, we discussed going out for lunch, and did, to Grado.  We had a lovely meal there…I had local pork in a balsamic sauce, F had fish in a lemon butter sauce.  Afterwards we came home for a few minutes and then headed out again.  We went to Hard Off to look at t-shirts for my project again, and I bought about 8 today.  The good thing about today is that they were all half price, so I didn't spend very much at all.  Hurray.  

Afterwards, we went to Mr. Donut for a drink and a donut.  I even tried their new doughnut, the one that is supposed to be a cross between a croissant and a doughnut. It wasn't bad really. It was pretty expensive for a cheap treat though.

I knew that F wanted a haircut today, so I suggested that he go for one.  I asked him to drop me off at the mall and I'd do a little shopping in peace and then he could join me when he was done.  He did, and so I hacked the hundred yen shop and got a few supplies for my project.  Yay me.  He joined me and we decided on having dinner in the mall.  It was a little early so he decided he wanted to go to a hardware store. We drove over, he got what he wanted and then we drove back to the mall.  Our dinner was courtesy of Subway and it was yummy. 

F drove us to the theatre and we went to see The Wolf of Wall Street.  I liked it, but wouldn't recommend it to everyone because of the drugs, language and sex!  It was quite excessive, which was the point really.  

We came home via the grocery store to pick up a few things for a late dinner.  I got myself some roast beef and made sandwiches when I got home, F got a bento.  We came home, had tea and watched a bit of TV.  

Tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll get up to.  I hope it'll be fun.  Wish me luck.  Night!

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