April 7, 2014

Monday - Sunny & cloudy & snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning right around the time I wanted to and came through to the living room.  I checked out D-Life's new line up and kind of enjoyed it.  I don't really get Charlie's Angels, but it is nice to be able to see Friends at a quiet time of day, and quite fun to see Charmed again. I used to really love that show.  I can tell I'll be watching too much morning TV for a while!  

After my breakfast I took a shower and wrote a couple of postcards.  Later in the day I scanned and stamped them all.  

I washed the T-Shirts that I bought on the weekend and hung them up. I did them in a couple of loads so that they wouldn't run and ruin the rest.  I think they were okay.  

In the afternoon I cooked lunch.  I just plunked everything that was in the fridge into a frying pan and sauteed it, added an egg at the end. It was so good.  

I was just getting my cards ready to run to the post office when F popped in to pick something up.  I asked him if he needed to go to the post office and he said he was just on his way there.  I gave him my postcards and asked him to send them.  Hurray!

He came home a little later than usual.  He went to the grocery store before he came home.  When F came home, he got straight to work on dinner.  I didn't volunteer to help today and I didn't volunteer to help clean the table.  To be honest, he never helps me do that, and I just hate it, so thought he should experience how much fun it was.

F made his curry. I had mine over spaghetti, he had his over rice.  It was quite nice and we also had some leftover for my lunch tomorrow.  Woot.  I did all the dishes and left the kitchen looking quite nice.  Yay me.  

In the evening we had a bit of quiet time really.  F ran out to a convenience store or a drug store, I stayed home and watched Lost!  

Things have been fairly nice today.  F is taking Thursday off work to have a medical day! I might go and get my hair cut or go to the doctor with him, I'm not really sure.

Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll do.  I'm at my limit for postcrossing cards, so I won't send any then, but I do need to work on my crafting.  I tried to do a bit tonight, but really I need to spend a lot of time on them.  That's it for me.  Got to go.  Night.

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