April 30, 2014

Wednesday - Warm and sunny

Bit of a crap day really.

I woke up this morning after F had come back from work.  He took the day off as he was sick.  Happily it wasn't flu, it seems to be a bad cold.

I got up and watched my shows, and then took a break from being in the living room with him.  I went into the bedroom and closed the door.  I was on the bed for a bit, I may have dozed, but it helped for a bit. 

When I came out, he was sleeping on the couch, so I grabbed the flyers that we're supposed to distribute and sorted them out.  Then, I delivered them.  When I came back into the apartment, F was awake, so I suggested he go back to bed.  He did.

I cut up a t-shirt in the afternoon and watched a bit of TV.  F came out while I was doing that. He doesn't have good timing.

A little afterwards I started dinner.  It wasn't complicated, just a bit of sorting out.  I did a steamed chicken breast, boiled new potatoes with a salad.  For added enjoyment I made a couple of sauces for the chicken…really simple ones.  I told F that he could start dinner while I went to the washroom. He said, "I've been waiting."   I came out, F was at the table just sitting there.  I sat down and started helping myself to some food.  He gave me a really nasty look and then I asked him what he meant by, "I've been waiting."  I didn't think that was a particularly nice thing to say to someone who had just spent the last hour plus getting dinner ready without help.  It devolved quickly and he left the table and refused to eat.  I'm not sure why!  Everything was good…I cleared the menu with him the night before.  He's such a prima donna. I know he's sick, but honestly.

I finished eating, then I did the dishes.  I had to wear rubber gloves because I have a sore spot on a finger.  Took me ages.  

I spent most of the night ignoring him as much as possible.  We've spoken, so it hasn't been too awful, but let's just say I'm not as sympathetic as I could be to him.  

That's it for me.  I'm hoping like blazes that he isn't going to stay home tomorrow and that I don't get this dread disease that he has!  No idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  Wish me luck with the day though.  Night.

Oh, this just in.  Bob Hoskins, the British actor from films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Mrs. Henderson Presents has died from pneumonia.  I always enjoyed watching him perform...he could play jolly and sweet or very mean and dangerous and be utterly believable.  I'll miss him. 

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