May 13, 2014

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day!

I got up before 9 and went through to the living room. Unfortunately, I ended up dozing for the next hour, but I was up!  I did a little bit of work on my craft projects, then had breakfast.

After a while I took a shower, watched Heartland and then made some plans.  I decided to go out for a little while.  I planned to bike over to the bank machine, but when I got on my bike, I discovered that the back tire was flat.  Oh no!  I pumped it up and hoped for the best.  I did pump it up last week, and I may have loosened the valve, so I tightened it up today.  I'll check it tomorrow and see.  

I rode off to the bank, then stopped at McDonalds. I thought I'd finally try their avocado burger.  BUT…when I got there, they didn't have it on the menu. I had just checked the website for it so either my local restaurant doesn't have it, or the special is over.  I spent a bit of time reading my Journal for the last month. It was nice.

I came home and finished unpicking a hem and then cut up the t-shirt. I started on another one and F called me to say that he'd finish work soon and would like to go to the movie tonight.  So, I kept working, but he was home before I was quite finished.  

We changed or got ready and went out. We had decided on going to Cocos Ichibancho Curry and it was quite nice.  The handmade chicken cutlet was on special so I had that. It was quite good.  

We arrived a little early at the movie, but went in to the lobby and had a snoop at the upcoming films.  There are some good ones coming up soon.  We went to see American Hustle and I rather liked it.  The actors were all great and the writing was good.  I really enjoyed it.  It wasn't the greatest movie ever, but I did like it a lot.

We visited the grocery store after the movie and got ingredients for tomorrow night, then came home.  We had a quiet evening at home, except I watched a bit of TV.  

Overall, a good day.  Tomorrow I want to work on my project, but I also have an idea to go shopping for some low-cost T-shirts.  I'll see what happens!  Wish me luck.  Good night!

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