May 15, 2014

Thursday - Cloudy, then rainy

An okay day.

I overslept a tad, but got up and vegged on the chesterfield.  I snoozed through some TV but woke up enough for Friends and Charmed!  I read the paper, ate breakfast and opened up the hems on some t-shirts.  

Later on I did a few household chores and then took a shower.  

In the afternoon, I was just going to leave to take my bike to the shop when of course, it started to rain quite hard.  Sigh.  I decided to stay home.  

I cut up two t-shirts and then started to crochet more of my bag with one of them.  I didn't like the results so I ripped it back and then doubled it up.  I'm liking it a little more now.  I stopped when F came home around 7:30.  He was quite late tonight.

We had a bit of a spat when we tried to decide where to have dinner, but thankfully it blew over quickly.  We drove to one place, but it was closed, so we ended up at the Thai restaurant.  We ordered 3 different dishes and shared them tonight.  We picked good ones, so it was quite nice.  We had mixed stir-fried vegetables, Thai-style yakisoba and barbecued chicken.  I liked everything that we ordered.  Woot!

We came home via the grocery store and then the gas station.  F had forgotten to buy gas earlier on.  

Oh, and big news from yesterday…F found his car keys!  They were in a drawer of his, that he didn't look in, or he missed when he was searching the apartment for them.  I don't care, I'm just glad that they have been found!

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I hope to be able to sneak out and get my bike fixed, after that, I'm not sure what I'll do.  I need to do more crochet, the apartment needs a bit of work, and so does the lobby of the apartment. I also have to scan some cards and run them to the post office! Wish me luck with it all! Night!

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