May 19, 2014

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I went to bed early last night and couldn't fall asleep. I was tired, but I was also cold.  I ended up getting up and taking the blankets off the couch and putting them on my bed. I was able to sleep the.  F and I both woke up around 5 am and he told me I should have taken some of his quilt, but he had it hanging off the other side of the bed!  I couldn't do that.

I had my usual quiet morning, I took a shower after my morning TV and then watched Suits.  I've seen the opening two episodes at least 3 times now, but have never managed to see the rest of it! F came home for a few minutes in the second one.  He was driving nearby and had a few minutes to spare.

In the afternoon I went out.  I wanted to go to the craft store and the drug store.  I biked off.  I hacked around the craft store, I bought a few things for my craft workshop. I need to figure out how I'm going to use them though!  

In the drugstore I got a few things for myself before setting off back towards home.  I stopped in at McDonald and had a very late lunch.  It was okay, but the store was full of teenage boys, not my favourite beasts.

I came home and unwound, and a bit later F came home.  He said that he was in a good mood, but he really wasn't.  He was having one of those flustered days when he couldn't really relax. He wasn't too impressed that I was using my computer so I asked if he'd like dinner.  He would.

I cooked tonight and I made soba fettucine with carbonara sauce plus baby leaf salad.  It turned out quite well. Everything disappeared!  F did the dishes, which was nice of him.

We had a quiet evening.  I helped F do some printing, but then I had to help him format his printing first.  That made it a lot of fun. Not.  Still, it got done, and I hope he's okay with everything.

I watched Lost and then The Newsroom at 11.  I love The Newsroom.  It is an Aaron Sorkin drama, so what's not to love?  Tonight, Jane Fonda came in at the end and was magnificent.  It has been a long time since I've seen her look so good and act so well. Brava to her I say, brava!

I also did a bit of my crocheted bag tonight. It is almost finished.  I had to add in more yarn so I wanted to let the glue have a chance to dry before I worked more of it.  

And that's about it for my day.  It wasn't too bad at all.  Tomorrow I may go out in the afternoon if I feel like it.  I shouldn't really, but with the nice weather, I really want to be out and about.  Come back and find out what I get up to. Night.

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