May 20, 2014

Tuesday - Warm & Sunny, bit muggy

A bit of a downer day.

I got up this morning and came through to the living room to watch my shows.  I enjoyed my morning, it was quiet and I had a nice breakfast.  

Later on, I made the bed, got dressed and decided to dig in and finish up my Tarn bag.  I was working on it when F came home for a few minutes.  He had come to pick something up.  He left a little later.

I finished my bag, and it looks great.  I am quite proud of it to be honest.  Yay me.

F came back one more time as he was waiting to drive people nearby.  It was nice to see him, except it wasn't!  I like my own time.

I went out to the post office and got myself some stamps today.  I decided to try to use the exact amount instead of overpaying.  The lady in the post office waylaid me a little though, she showed me a new mini-sheet of stamps, from Yamagata-ken.  One of them even has the Mt. Haguro pagoda on it. How could I not buy them?  

Instead of going downtown, I just came home afterwards.  I enjoyed my time, watched the US news, the usual. 

F came home and was in a grumpy mood.  He was all sixes and sevens.  He seemed worried and agitated, I wasn't sure why.  We finally decided to go out to dinner, but he wouldn't suggest anything, and made me choose.  I chose two local restaurants that I like and thought he did two.  He said one was okay, but then started complaining about how expensive it was, and how he could only afford gyudon or ramen.  Nice.  

We got to the restaurant, were seated and F started in about how he didn't have money for dinner.  I asked if he meant that he forgot his wallet or if he didn't have enough money with him.  He meant that we couldn't afford dinner.  Well, that was a fine time to discuss it.  He could have suggested a cheaper place in the car on the way over, but no.  I told him I'd pay for my own meal, but he spent most of the time there staring at the tablecloth.  I tried asking him what he was angry about.  He very angrily told me he wasn't angry, so I stopped talking too.

Dinner was fine.  I had dadacha-mame pasta with a salad, tea and dessert.  F had curry and rice with tea and dessert too.  It was very nice.  It wasn't THAT expensive, not cheap either, but quite reasonable.

We came home via the grocery store where I got almost the same treatment from him.  I bought some chicken, yogurt and broccoli and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them…eat the yogurt for breakfast definitely!

He was pretty grumpy at home too.  I'm not sure what was up with him.  He went to bed early and that was a good thing.  

We're all entitled to a grumpy day now and then, but I'm expected to do the whole Japanese mind-reading thing with my husband and I just cant do it! I hope he's in a better place tomorrow.

That's it for me.  Tomorrow I'm not quite sure what I'll get up to. Hopefully it'll be fun.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I like that built-in handle design, and the crochet stitches you used add a pretty design as well. What a great use of scraps!
I am currently working on a rug using fabric yarn. You sew strips of fabric together to make a long string and use that to crochet. It should make a sturdy rug in the end.

Helen said...

Thanks! It isn't really made out of scraps is made out of 5 t-shirts!

The original pattern I found was made out of plarn, plastic yarn. My bag is quite heavy, but I like it too.

My husband calls it my Lego bag because he thinks it looks like Lego. :-)