May 21, 2014

Wednesday-Rainy, then clearing

A strange day.

I got up this morning, had a lovely day basically.  I did some laundry in the afternoon, got an early start on dinner…and then F came home.  Sigh.

He said that he wasn't feeling well and he was incredibly grumpy too.  When I asked why he was grumpy I was yelled at and told he wasn't grumpy.  Er…excuse me?

Anyway, he opted out of dinner…the dinner I had just spent an hour prepping.  That made me so happy.  He did claim to have an upset stomach, so who knows.    I kept on cooking and he had a lie-down and then came back to the living room.  He waited until I had eaten and  washed all the dishes before he made his dinner.  If you guessed he had ramen, give yourself a gold star!  And, my casserole?  It was okay, but not great. 

I toodled around with some crochet, attempting different ideas for using my tarn. I tried a couple, but I took them back.  I think I have finally decided on a good idea though.  No comment what it is yet though!

I also realized today that my presentation is in one month from today.  Ack!  So much to do!  Must work harder!

I think things are okay with F, I sat with him a few minutes and talked to him.  With the rainy weather, his back issues are happening again.  I think he was just feeling anti-social today.  He went to bed fairly early again, and I am not upset by that at all!

Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I should do some housework and some crochet, but I might go out for a bit.  I'll have to think about it! Come back and find out what I get up to!  Night. 

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