May 22, 2014

Thursday - Muggy with a touch of rain

A quiet day.

I had another lovely quiet morning.  I got up late though because I had turned off my alarms the day before.  Oh noes!  I got up and watched my shows, had breakfast and started a new project.  I have the tricky bit left to do, but it went well.

In the afternoon I decided to go out, so I did.  I rode to the mall, had a snoop around the hundred yen shop, then had a tea and a sandwich in the coffee shop.  That was nice.  I cruised the grocery shop looking for something interesting, didn't find it, and then came home.  

At home I decided to do something useful, so I vacuumed the apartment, then watched a bit of TV.  F came home and he seemed quiet but in an okay mood.  

Close to 7 I decided to make dinner, just leftovers from yesterday.  I asked him if he wanted any but he said no.  I had some of yesterday's casserole on toast.  It was still just okay.  I don't think I'd bother with that recipe again.  Sigh.  I had to add a bit of sriracha to make it at all interesting. 

After I ate, I washed up the dishes and then left the kitchen.  He made himself some noodles later, but didn't seem too hungry.

I wrote a couple of postcards tonight and watched a bit of TV.  F was okay, I was okay.  

Really, that's about it.  I can't report anything exciting, but I can't report anything bad either.  That is rather nice! Tomorrow I hope to finish my little craft project, write a couple more postcards, and go to the post office.  Wish me luck with it all!  Night.

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