May 24, 2014

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched Gordon Ramsey, then made the bed and took a shower.  F had gone out early to go to the dentist, then he planned to take his dog to the vet.  The vet wasn't open, so F came home and did more of the cutting grass.

We went out for lunch to a new place for us. It was a Japanese restaurant and it was good.  I had chirashi sushi and F had tempura.  The meal was really nice.  We left and then came home.  F planned to go out to the vet around two, so we ended up taking a nap.  We were both really tired!  When I woke up he was gone.  

I got busy though.  I went into the bathroom and spent the next hour or more cleaning the sink and the area around it.  I threw out a bunch of things that I'd been keeping only because I didn't know what else to do with it and got the area spick and span.  I took my iPod and a little speaker I have with me, so I had tunes while I was working.  

F came home a bit later and when I finished in the bathroom I asked him to go out for dinner.  We tried to go to one place, but it was really busy, so we went to another.  We went to a little Tonkatsu shop, a one man restaurant.  We were the only customers in the place, but had a lovely meal.  As F said, with a bit of surprise, I had two Japanese meals in one day!  It's not common.

I wanted to come home right after dinner, because I didn't want to miss a minute of Sherlock, which was on tonight.  I made some tea for us, and when F came back from the grocery store we had tea and I got set up for my show.

I started watching Sherlock.  I've had a note on the calendar for at least 3 months and have been talking about watching it all day.  F decides that now would be a good time to use his scanner.  What the hell?  I told him that I was going to watch with headphones on, and did. 

Sherlock was great!  I really enjoyed it.  My big beef with it though is that on NHK they change all the subtitles/texts to Japanese…which I'm not great at reading.  Sigh.  Still…it was fun, and I'm glad they didn't completely explain away how his "death" was done.  

After the show I took off the headphones and watched some other TV.  F and I had a nice evening.  I watched Gordon Ramsey's other show, Hotel Hell and it was quite cool!  He swears and shows his butt.  Strange!  

And that was my day.  Tomorrow I might get up early.  F is talking about going out for Genghis Khan, but honestly, I'm not sure that I want to.  Mutton in the morning isn't really what I feel like eating…ever.  Come back and see what I get up to.  Night!


Mieko said...

Do you watch NHK-BS?
I used to watch foreign dramss in Hulu, which isn't free. Do you use that?
Anyway I laufhted, because you said "cutting grass". It sounds better and more enjoynable than "weeding the grass". I hate weeding the grass.

Helen said...

Hello there!

Yes, I watch NHK BS when there is something good and in English on! I've never used Hulu...I will have to check it out.

He was cutting the grass with a machine, not pulling up the grass, so it definitely wasn't weeding ! Where I'm from we would say "weeding the garden" not weeding the grass. You can weed the grass sometimes, just we don't usually do it!

Have a great weekend!