May 25, 2014

Sunday - Muggy but still sunny, hot

A mixed up, not good day.

I got up this morning and discovered that F was up and cleaning the rest of the bathroom.  He completely changed the way that we store the items that we need in there and really made me angry.  I have been keeping cleansers and soaps for laundry in a bucket.  It's waterproof and very easily portable.  F decided to take all of them out of the bucket and put them higgledy-piggledy in a box.  A big box, along with his junk from the room.  Now we have all kinds of chemical stuff in a cardboard box in the bathroom.  Where there is water.  Also, the box is really heavy.  Is he going to be around to move it?  I think not.  I wanted him to clean the crap that he has by our KITCHEN SINK…not the bathroom.  

I was furious this morning.  I went back to bed and dozed longer.

When I got up, early for a change because F had said that he wanted to go for Genghis Khan for lunch, I told him a couple of things.  I was worried that his stomach would get upset from the fat, and I was worried that MY stomach would get upset.  He was displeased with me, and started to demand I name other places that we could go for lunch as I would never agree to go with him.  I named one place so he wanted to leave RIGHT NOW to go there.  Now, it being Sunday, there was a good 75 per cent chance that it was closed, so I knew he'd make me come up with another idea.  I just couldn't do it.  He said he was going to go out. I told him okay, have a nice lunch and he ended up going back to bed.  

We went on like this for far too long.  I ended up having some cereal and yogurt, he made himself ramen and that was that.  I read the paper.  We were supposed to go and see the Tenjin Matsuri Parade, but when I opened up the room door, I was thoroughly ignored until after it started.  

Finally after more yelling and nastiness, I suggested going for tea to the little coffee shop just down the road.  We went there, had a lovely "cake set" and from there walked back and went to the park.  

We saw a few of the shops at the park, made our way through the throngs of people and then came home.  We were friendly until F suggested going for dinner.  He wanted to go to the fish place at Sakata Port.  I refused.  He said he'd go anyway.  I wished him a good trip. He demanded ramen, I wished him a good dinner.  He didn't leave.  

I ended up suggesting a place in S-Mall.  We went there.  F had his ramen, which he didn't like and I had pasta, which I did like. 

From there, we bought him some undies and then went to the theatre to see 12 Years a Slave.  It was a very good movie.  It was a difficult to watch film, but worth it really.

We came home via the grocery store where F did his "I don't care" routine for tomorrow's dinner.  So annoying.  Honestly, I wish he'd give me the money to buy food and just wait in the car.  I'd do the shopping ten times faster, and way more cheaply.  There wouldn't be any bloody ramen bought either.  

Anyway, that was my day.  I am so glad that it is over.  F just doesn't get me at all.  I wish I understood him better.  Gotta go.  Night.

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