May 27, 2014

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I went to bed early (for me) last night as I wasn't feeling well, and woke up feeling much better this morning.  I got up before my alarms went off and went to the living room. I put on Charlie's Angels, but fell asleep on it. I only woke up when F came home for a minute.  I'm glad I woke up as Dirk Benedict was on…he was a baddie, but it was lovely to see him.  

I had a quiet morning, read the paper, ate breakfast, the usual.  I had just got dressed and made the bed when F called and invited me out to lunch.  Well, I said no. Nicely, actually.  I had some plans for the afternoon.  I also had leftovers from last's nights dinner, which were yummy!

I scanned the cards I wrote last night, plus one more, then hurriedly stamped them and headed out.  The plan was to take the cards to the post office, check the overseas postcard rate was correct and then scoot off to the movie theatre.  However, the guy at the post office was slow and working by himself, so I didn't really have enough time to get to the movie in time.  

I changed plans and went to Kaneta instead.  I looked for, and found more cotton t-shirts for my project, so I bought a couple and then came home.  I washed some clothes, and also worked on my hot mat.  It's coming along nicely.  

F came home while I was still working on it, and proceeded to put chemicals down all our drains.  Apparently the powers that be will be doing a drain cleaning in all the apartments and he wants ours to get a head start!  

We had a nice time, I fed F a freezie kind of thing that wasn't great, and we watched the comedy/kids shows on D-Life.  Around 8 I said we should go out for dinner.  F wasn't feeling that great, so we ended up going to Cocos.  He had his rice porridge with eggs and mushrooms, I had chicken with a basil sauce.  It was quite nice.  

We came home via the grocery store.  F wants curry, which I don't really, but whatever!  I'm also going to make it tomorrow so that should be exciting for a change!  I found my Japanese cookbook that does basic stuff.  

In the evening we relaxed.  I started a new shawl out of my bought tarn and watched Criminal Minds.  F set up the bread maker with some bread for tomorrow and then went to bed. 

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow.  I might go to the movie if I have time and the weather holds, I might stay home and work on one of my many projects!  Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Night!

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