May 3, 2014

Saturday - Grey and wet, clearing later on

A good day.

I got up fairly early this morning, only to find F in the midst of a bunch of papers.  He was trying to finish up some paperwork.  I left him alone and worked on my computer.  A little later I offered tea and brunch, so he accepted.  

I took the leftover chicken and potatoes, fried them up and added an egg and some cheese.  Breakfast bowls I call them.  They were yummy.  I got my potatoes to a nice crispy level, and really everything was good.  F liked it, but said his was too much.  I did the dishes afterwards too, as F was still doing his stuff.

We had a long quiet afternoon.  F went out for a while and came back, then we spent a bit of time together.  

We went out for dinner to a restaurant on the outskirts of town.  We both had the same thing, katsudon in a box, it has a different name!  I quite enjoyed it, although it wasn't the best I'd ever had.  We came home via the grocery store to pick up a few things for tomorrow.  

We've had a relaxing evening together.  I think I have packed enough, but I have a long list of things that I want to take with me! Wish me luck with that!

I'll be back on Tuesday evening if all goes well, and I may skip a day of posting, depending on how I feel when we get back.  Don't wait up! Night.

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